Terms & Conditions


Your function’s maximum capacity is based on the style of the event you wish to create. Watermark is rented exclusively and non-exclusively for daytime and nighttime events from 2 people up to 500+ guests or more (please ask management).

While we always strive to maintain the published prices they may be subject to variation due to increasing costs, those of which are out of our control.

Wedding reception dinners are the same rental price as wedding packages that include ceremonies. Please see individual Wedding packages for specific hours of rental, additional guest fees, hours of rental etc. Please note that when more than 8hours of venue rental required, discussion with management is necessary, as additional fees will apply. (Please see rental items). When less time is required for venue hire compared to the Wedding package and the specific time that is allocated on that package, the price will still be the same.

The venue rental amount is determined by: 1. Type of event 2. Amount of guests 3. Exclusively or Non-exclusive venue rental The event package chosen usually depends on the amount of guests attending and or for example: if the bride and groom wish to rent our venue exclusively for their special day even when their guest numbers are less than 50 people which is the requirement for exclusive venue hire.

8 Hours of exclusive venue hire from 4 pm until midnight (Diamond weddings) 8 hours of exclusive venue hire 4pm until midnight (Sapphire weddings) 7 hours of exclusive venue hire 5pm until midnight (Gala and Special events nighttime) 6.5 hours of non-exclusive hire 4pm-10.30pm (Dream weddings) 6 hours of exclusive venue hire 9am until 3pm (Gala and Special events daytime) 4 Hours of non-exclusive venue hire 9am-10am until 2-3pm (Beach BBQ and Watersports) 3 hours of non-exclusive venue hire 10am until 1pm (LOVE BIRDS morning weddings) 3 hours of non-exclusive venue hire 4pm until 7pm (LOVE BIRDS afternoon weddings) Extended times are available and fees may apply (Please see Watermark Rental items)

¼, ½ HALF AND FULL Fees may or may not apply, please see specific inclusions in individual event packages. Please refer to Rental items if relevant and or to double check sound equipment inclusions.

A tentative booking will be held for your event for 14 days only without a deposit.

To confirm a booking, a 50% deposit form the total invoiced amount is required. The deposit, together with a signed Event Contract is required to secure your event date. Outstanding invoices must be paid 1 month (30 working-days) prior to the event day. Management reserves the right to cancel any reservation not settled by the due date.

All Deposit payments for Venue hire at Watermark, both Exclusive and Non-Exclusive are non-refundable. Cancellation fees for food and beverage packages purchased through Watermark have specific terms and conditions for cancellation. (Please see WATERMARK ADDITIONAL FOOD AND BEVERAGE INFORMATION 2016)

For security purposes we need to know the exact number of guest attending 1 month (30 workingdays) prior to the event day. This is also applicable for your Food & Beverage invoice when Watermark is organizing your events food and beverage package, for other caters please see their specific terms and conditions.

Please note that Watermark’s curfew is midnight (00.00am) and this may not be extended. Wedding events that start earlier than 4pm will incur a daytime venue rental fee.(Fees apply please see rental items)

Please note 12midnight is our venue’s curfew. The surcharge is applicable if guests have not left Watermark by 00.30am. Evacuation of our premises later than 00.30am is a violation of our village event permit and will incur fines. (Please see rental items).

(Extended rental time) Extra time is charged beyond the standard times for each venue rental package. Extra time must be booked at the time of booking Watermark venue because we often have more than one event on the same day. (Prices to be advise per individual request).

Approved catering companies are welcome at Watermark and no associated fees for the use of our main kitchen or Wave bar are applicable. The use of our Joglo bar is an additional fee. (Please see rental items) Outside caterers may not be used for Love Birds Weddings, Beach BBQ and Watersports packages or regular watersports group bookings that have not paid a venue rental fee and or have not purchased a specific special events “Gala” venue package.

The name and contact details of the intended catering company must be supplied to Watermark at the time of booking an event and before the initial venue hire deposit payment is made. Only Watermark approved external catering companies are allowed to Caterer at our venue. Approved Catering companies are not allowed to set up tents/ kitchens of mobile/portable bars anywhere at Watermark. Ovens and BBQ’s may only be set up on paved paths and or sand areas. No oven or BBQ maybe set up on our grass areas. Dining tables, Buffet tables and Cocktail tables may be set up anywhere as long as tarpaulins, boxes and other items are notstacked on the grass. Please ask caterers to contact Watermark for more detailsand to arrange site meetings whenever applicable.

We take no responsibility for any illness and or death caused because of food or beverage consumed at Watermark by either Watermark or employed caterers. We prepare only fresh food and sell original beverages from Watermark. We only work with certain caterers due to previous performance and those with good reputations for fresh good quality food and beverage catering.

Watermark is aware of responsible service of alcohol for all patrons at Watermark Venue. While we are here to ensure you and your guests are enjoying the facilities, the event, or simply a fun day or evening at Watermark; when deemed necessary our employees are bound by law to refuse alcohol service to intoxicated patrons and including us instructing your caterers to refuse alcohol service whenever applicable. Abusive or severely intoxicated patrons will be asked to leave our premises or will be physically removed by our security if need be.

We do not have a Valet parking service. We only have space for 12 cars or less in our parking area at Watermark Venue. Please note all suppliers’ vehicles also alter the car parking space total.

We prefer transport to be organized to and from our venue with buses. (Please discuss this with your planner/organizer and or Watermark management). Please note it is almost impossible to get a taxi at our venue after 10pm.

All clients agree to Watermark using a small selection of photos and/or videos from their event for promotional purposes for our website or onour social media such as Facebook and Instagram etc. You also agree for us to contact your event organizer or Wedding planner or photographer for access to some of these photos and videos. If it is your wish for us not to use your photos or videos, then please inform us in writing at the time of booking an event at our venue. By paying us a deposit we assume that you have agreed to this and we will not ask you for approval. We are more than happy to email you a copy of the photos/videos that we intend to use before we do, for your approval. (Please advise)

A refundable security deposit is required for all Exclusive venue hire events and may also be applicable for other events such as Dream Wedding events and Lovebirds etc. (Please discuss with Management). Security deposit must be received in cash (preferred) or credit card (see Credit Card form) a minimum of30 working days before your event day and at the time of your balance invoice payment. This security deposit is 100% refundable within 3 working days after the event if no damages occur. Wedding planners and event organizers may hold this depositfor us on behalf of their client. (Please advise)

We provide enough electricity for our own venue with an additional 5000watts for free for your employed suppliers such as: bands, extra lighting, gelato stands, photo booths, etc. If your employed items have electrical demands greater than 5000watts, then an additional generator must be rented and fees will apply. Please notify Watermark and your wedding/event planner at the time of booking because external generators cannot be connected to our venues electricity and are only applicable for your these items requiring large amounts of electricity and specifically for these items only.

All additional entertainment must comply with local legislation. No flying lanterns are permitted at Watermark. Guests may not bring fireworks.

Fireworks companies employed must be registered companies and have all the correct licenses and permits for displays at our venue. Fire dancers may not perform on our dance floor or near our stage or our sound equipment, nor may they perform on our decked or grass areas especially under our fig trees where numerous types of lights are installed. We prefer that fire dancers perform on the sand. We take no responsibility for any personal injury, damage or property loss caused by the externally employed contractors to you, your guests our employees and agents and contractors of property of others outside of Watermark venue. (Please see DAMAGE and LOSS below).

If additional guest attend the event that exceeds the maximum guest number for your package then you will be charged for additional people and this money will be taken from your bond. If additional guests consume food or beverages then you will be charged the full amount per person and this money will be taken from your bond. If this cost is greater than your bond then you will be required to pay this amount on the day/evening of your event. The time that additional guests arrive to an event does not affect the above-mentioned conditions and additional guests will be charged regardless.

While the management of Watermark demonstrates great care in ensuring the wellbeing and safety of clientele, contractors, guests and their property, the client agrees to indemnify Watermark for any personal injury including death, damage, theft of property loss caused by the client or clients’ guests, agents or contractors before, during or following an event. The client may take the option of pursuing insurance cover in order to safeguard their guests and self interests.

Once you deliver your goods to Watermark, one of our staff will provide a receipt and count your goods.Clearly label your items and note any necessary instructions and explain these to our staff. I.e. Wine to be chilled. Name & contact telephone number (reachable in Bali – where you are staying in Bali & Date & Time of your event).Delivery of items before an event must be discussed with management prior to delivery.Watermark holds no responsibility for items that have not arrived at the venue.Watermark holds no responsibility for items damaged and lost on our property.